Church Online Guide

Tips and best practices to help you make the most of your online experience.

Church Online Guide

Welcome to our Church Online Guide. Our Guide is to provide you with tips and best practices to help you make the most of your online experience.

These ideas may vary depending on your home dynamic. This is meant to be a helpful guide so you can get the most out of Gateway At Home.

Before Service

  • Plan the best time to watch our Gateway At Home service. Gateway At Home is live every Sunday at 5pm and on demand on our website and YouTube Channel.

  • Have a child between the ages of 0-11? There’s a service for them, too that can be streamed at anytime on our YouTube Channel!

  • Share the service with family members and friends on your social media accounts. 

  • Create a distraction-free environment. Set your phone aside or silence notifications. Have your Bible, notebook and pen ready.

During Service

  • Engage in worship. Stand up and sing out loud.

  • Interact with the message: Open your bible, take notes, comment in the chat.

  • Get connected with us through different ministries.

After Service

  • If you, or someone with you, decides to follow Jesus, take a moment to pray along with us online. Let us know about the decision you’ve made by visiting our I Have Decided page here.

  • Watching Church Online with others? After watching the service, review the discussion questions with your group.

  • Watching Church Online alone? Review the discussion questions and journal your thoughts based on the sermon. (If possible, identify a friend(s) that you can share the sermon with and meet with them during the week in-person or online to go over the message).